Segunda entrega 15 de noviembre: Referencias y Cuestionario; Vinculación Comunitaria

Integrantes del grupo
1.Carlos Izquierdo
2.Alex Bue
3.Keisha Rivera
4.Stella Cruz
5.Lorraine Ferrer


1.A special report on social networking: Profiting from friendship


The Economist

-A special report on social networking Profiting from friendship Social networks have a better chance of making money than their critics think Jan 28th 2010 Illustration by Ian Whadcock ENTREPRENEURS in Silicon Valley, only half-jokingly, call it the URL strategy.

2.Advertising as Information

Phillip Nelson (1974)

Journal of Political Economy 82 (4) p. 729-754

-This paper tries to show how the major features of the behavior of advertising can be explained by advertising’s information function. For search qualities advertising provides direct information about the characteristics of a brand. For experience qualities the most important information conveyed by advertising is simply that the brand advertises. This contrast in advertising by these qualities leads to significant differences in its behavior.

3.Advertising Attitudes and Advertising Effectiveness

Abhilasha Mehta (2000)

Journal of Advertising Research 40 (3) p. 67–71

-Manipulation of negative emotions eg and pity it is shown that is largely disabilities and enhancing positive , however, additional

4.Advertising in a Recession

Benedikt Laufenberg (2011)


-The main objective of this study is to contribute to the discussion of how firms should adjust their advertising budget in a recession.

5.Advertising on the Internet

R Zeff, B Aronson (1999)

Wiley Computer Publishing (September)

-This technical note introduces the key elements of Internet advertising, including options available to advertisers, pricing, measurement, an overview of the buying process, and a comparison with traditional advertising. The note includes the following appendices: glossary, how to make effective advertisements, and tips for directing traffic to one’s site.

6.Advertising to a social network

Peter Pal Zubcsek, Miklos Sarvary (2011)

Quantitative Marketing and Economics 9 (May 2010) p. 71-107

-Direct advertising-sending promotional messages to individual customers-is increasingly used by marketers as a result of the recent improvements in consumer reachability.

7.Advertising value and advertising on the web

Robert H Ducoffe (1996)

Journal of Advertising Research 36 (5) p. 21-35

-The growth of advertising on the World Wide Web requires research on users’ general perceptions since these affect attitudes toward individual advertisements. This article presents results of an intercept survey focusing on the perceived value of Web advertising, an approach developed by the author for assessing advertising in the general media.

8.Advertising value and advertising processing

Robert Ducoffe, Eleonora Curlo (2001)

Journal of Marketing Communications 6 (4) p. 247-262

-Advertising value research is rooted in the view that advertising messages are potential c o mm un i c a t io n s e xc ha ng e s between advertisers and consumers.

9.Advertising works

Judith Waldrop (1981)

American Demographics 16 (5) p. 48-54

-Provides experts’ views on the effectiveness of advertising. Ways on how advertising can be effective

10.Audience Selection for On-line Brand Advertising : Privacy-friendly Social Network Targeting

Foster Provost, Brian Dalessandro, Rod Hook (2009)

Brand p. 707-715

-This paper describes and evaluates privacy-friendlymethods for extracting quasi-social networks from browser behavior on user-generated content sites, for the purpose of finding good audiences for brand advertising (as opposed to click maximizing, for example).

11.Avoidance of Advertising in Social Networking Sites: The Teenage Perspective

Louise Kelly, Gayle Kerr, Judy Drennan (2010)

Journal of Interactive Advertising 10 (2) p. 16-28

-Technology has provided consumers with the means to control and edit the information that they receive and share effectively, especially in the online environment.

12.Documentación digital en los medios de comunicación y la publicidad: análisis y experiencias

Francisco Javier García Marco (2005)

Scire 11 (2) p. 9-16

-Se revisan las tendencias de investigaci n en documentaci n informativa en la ltima d cada a tenor de la presentaci n de las aportaciones publicadas en el n mero 2 del volumen 11 de la revista Scire (jul.-dic. 2005), dedicado monogr ficamente a la documentaci n de medios de comunicaci n.

13.Ethical Problems of Advertising Agency Executives

Shelby Hunt, Lawrence Chonko (1987)

Journal of Advertising 16 (4) p. 16-24

-Results from a mail-in survey of advertising executives regarding frequent ethical problems they face. Oft-reported issues included “treating clients fairly,” and “creating honest, non-misleading, socially desirable advertisements.”

Explorando la invisibilidad de mujeres de diferentes culturas en la sociedad y en los medios de comunicación

María Martínez-Lirola (2010)

Palabra clave 13 (1) p. 161-173

-En este trabajo se ponen de manifiesto ejemplos concretos en los que las mujeres espa olas y de otras culturas son invisibilizadas en diferentes lugares y situaciones de las sociedades a las que pertenecen y en los medios de comunicaci n.

15.La imagen en la publicidad: la fotografía al servicio de la documentación publicitaria y los derechos de autor

Juan Carlos Marcos Recio, Juan Miguel Sánchez Vigil, Ricardo Villegas Tovar (2005)

Scire 11 (2) p. 119-132

-El valor de la imagen ocupa cada vez m s espacio y tiempo en los medios de comunicaci n. La forma de ser de las personas, la manera de vivir o de comprar est influenciada por la publicidad.

16.La publicidad en el punto de venta (P.L.V.) como herramienta promocional de los productos y servicios bibliotecarios

Viviana Fernández Marcial (2004)

Foro Biblioteca y Sociedad

-La promoci n de los servicios y prestaciones de la biblioteca posee el mismo nivel de importancia que la calidad de las mismas.

17.Multiculturalism and Publicity

Maria Lugones, Pia Lara (2009)

Hypatia 15 (3) p. 175-181

-This review considers the process of expansion of subjectivity that Maria Pia Lara introduces in Moral Textures: Feminist Narratives in the Public Sphere. As the complexity of Lara’s understanding of multiculturalism is exhibited, the process of achievement of self-realization and autonomy is critiqued as inconsistent with the hidden transcript/public transcript distinction. The “we” to be fashioned intersubjectively in the dialogical process of subjective expansion cannot countenance that crucial distinction to the understanding of those narratives.

18.Spam Law for the Internet

W K Khong (2001)

Journal of information law technology 3

-This paper briefly surveys the movement to regulate spam or unsolicited commercial emails on the Internet. It discusses the history of spam, definition of spam, and identifies parties fighting spam. Also, it examines legislative efforts in the European Union and the United States to regulate spam and the various schemes and mechanisms employed.

19.Targeted Advertising and Advertising Avoidance

Justin P Johnson (2008)

Johnson Graduate School of Management Cornell University

-I examine how the increasing ability of firms to target their advertisements to particular individuals influences market outcomes when consumers have access to advertising avoidance tools.

20.Targeted advertising for online social networks

Pinaki Mitra, Kamal Baid (2009)

2009 First International Conference on Networked Digital Technologies p. 366-372

-Generating targeted advertisements for online social networks is a problem of growing interest. Monetizing activity in online social networks has been the topic of heated discussion lately

21.The Targeting of Advertising

Ganesh Iyer, David Soberman, J Miguel Villas-Boas (2005)
Marketing Science 24 (3) p. 461-476
-An important question that firms face in advertising is developing effective media strategy. Major improvements in the quality of consumer information and the growth of targeted media vehicles allow firms to precisely target advertising to consumer segments within a market

Ganesh Iyer, David Soberman, J Miguel Villas-Boas (2005)

Marketing Science 24 (3) p. 461-476

  1. ¿Es cierto que la publicidad esta en recesión económica? cierto o falso
  2. ¿El propósito fundamental de la publicidad es promover producto o servicio? cierto o falso
  3. ¿Cual de estos es un medio de publicidad mas efectivo? a.  Internet  b.  Televisión  c.  Radio  d.  Periódico
  4. ¿Qué medios nuevos hay de publicidad?____________________
  5. ¿Cuál es la meta fundamental de un publicista?_______________
  6. ¿En que medio la publicidad es mas costosa? a.  Internet  b.  Televisión  c.  Radio  d.  Periodico
  7. ¿Qué características principal tiene que tener un publicista?  a.  artístico  b.  inteligente  c.  creativo  b.  humoroso
  8. ¿La creatividad es fundamental en la publicidad?  si o no
  9. ¿Se gana mucho dinero en la publicidad?  si o no
  10. ¿Como se determina si una medio de publicidad es exitoso?  a.  llama la atención  b.  lleva un mensaje directo  c.  costo de publicidad es elevado  d.  gano premios  e.  cumplió su función en lo que quería promover

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