Death Penalty Do Reduce Crime, But it is acceptable?

Many people allways ask if death penalty reduce or not reduce crime.  The awnser is yes.  But the other side of the situation is it acceptable?  The death penalty is very drastical and irriversable toward a crime accusation.  The death penalty is never acceptable and never will be accepted in many societys because it doesnt matter what people make they have the righ to live and no one must be tortured.  No matter how terrible the crime the person made he must be given an opportunity but not in a free society.


About carlosizquierdofortuno

Im a college student from University of Sagrado Corazon in Puerto Rico. My concentration is on Adverticing and a minor on Marketing. I was born on July of 1993. I have a very creative and open mind. All my life I have been a very humorous person. I like to call the attention, so as part of my personal characteristics my purpose on these blog is to call the attention of people of things that I think are interesting.

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