My First TV Experience

In this video as you can se was my first TV expirience of my life. Since I was a young boy, I had allways wanted to appear on TV. Yesterday (Septermber 18th) one of my life goals was accomplished. This meant a lot to me because it maked me think that Im capable of acomplish every goal I put on my life. It was a good experience but way much harder that I though it will be. Why it was so dificult? Ok, it was difficult because it requierd a lot of time and energy to perform this type of show. Also requires a lot of patience because not allways the things happens the way you whant it to happen. So basicaly what I whant to say is that, if you have a Goal in life you are capable of doing it. It only take patience and dedication to get to it.


About carlosizquierdofortuno

Im a college student from University of Sagrado Corazon in Puerto Rico. My concentration is on Adverticing and a minor on Marketing. I was born on July of 1993. I have a very creative and open mind. All my life I have been a very humorous person. I like to call the attention, so as part of my personal characteristics my purpose on these blog is to call the attention of people of things that I think are interesting.

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