Today reggaeton is viewd as an street music from Puerto Rico.  It started on late 80’s in Puerto Rico.  The reggaeton has influences from many types of music: Salsa, Jamaican music, Merengue and African music.  This music has been critizaised a lot becuase the things that the singers express toward women and society.  Also another thing that is critizasied is the way in wich it is danced.  It is dance like having sex with cloth.  The reggaeton is very popular among South America, Europe and in some places on the Carebbean.

Some icons from reggaeton are: Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, Wisin y Yandel, Arcangel, Calle 13 and many others.  They have called the attention of many people by creating music that have popularized all over the world.  The thing that they have in common is that they all started very poor from very margined places and gain fame because of their music.

Today the reggaeton can be considered an international music.  But they have been changing their style to more technologic music because music is changing right now.  Techno music is taking control the music industry, thats why reggaeton is like asimilating to techno for then keep in touch with the future.

For me, I really like reggaeton.  But theres a reallity, techno is taking control of the music industry and many people are liking it also.  For they to survive they must keep is as it started becase thats what people like about reggaeton.


About carlosizquierdofortuno

Im a college student from University of Sagrado Corazon in Puerto Rico. My concentration is on Adverticing and a minor on Marketing. I was born on July of 1993. I have a very creative and open mind. All my life I have been a very humorous person. I like to call the attention, so as part of my personal characteristics my purpose on these blog is to call the attention of people of things that I think are interesting.

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