Graffiti in Puerto Rico

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In Puerto Rico the graffiti can be very noticible in the streets.  For many people it is vandalism, but for other people it can be clasified as art.  For the people that make graffiti is a way to express their feelings by doing this.  In some caseses they are not very appealing but in other cases they are very appealing.  But it doesn’t matter if it is appeling or not, it still illegal.  In puerto Rico there are many good graffiti or street art.  Many of the best artist are among young people.  They have a lot of courage because they threat the law for then express their feeling by duing graffiti.

Does the artist that make graffiti can gain income?  The awnser is YES.  Some people I know started in this word as an illeagal thing.  But they started to expand their view of the art to gain money.  So they started to make wall paintings for many exclusive places and got paid really well.  Then they started to make paintings.  They started to get so famous because of their illegal paintings that people know them.  So their paintings were very exclusive, so they are expensive paintings.

So, if you are an artist that like graffiti, dont close your mind to only paint on streets.  Expand your mind and gain the credit of your work by making it commerciable.


About carlosizquierdofortuno

Im a college student from University of Sagrado Corazon in Puerto Rico. My concentration is on Adverticing and a minor on Marketing. I was born on July of 1993. I have a very creative and open mind. All my life I have been a very humorous person. I like to call the attention, so as part of my personal characteristics my purpose on these blog is to call the attention of people of things that I think are interesting.

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