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Facebook 8 Issue

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Recently Facebook has reveald to all his users a new version of Facebook (Facebook 8).  This facebook includes two major changes.  A very actualized Timeline of what are your friends are doing on Facebook at the moment.  The other major change is that all your friends can see what exterior things you are doing on you computer like hearing music, reeding some articles online or what are you looking.  This changes have caused manny issues to his users.  Many people like both things because they think its cool.  But other people think that the Timeline is disturbing and the thing that people can see what you are doing, people think is like removing the users privacy at all.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg defendend his creation that sayng that later on people will flip up and will start liking this changes becuase is all your history in a single page. Mark Zuckerberg motivation to make this changes is because he wants Facebook to be place that be more like your home so you can save all your more memorable things of your life.  So thats Mark purpose of this changes, the things is that people must understand his purpose for then they liked it.

In my opinion, I really don’t dislike this Facebook change but I also dont love it.  I thinks is a new tool to get actualized to the things that your friends are doing.  You allways had the way to look at what your friends do, but now is more easy to do it.  The only argument I got is that the things that your friends can see what you are surfing on the Internet is like really disturbing and is a total removal of your privacy, it is exeeding its limits.  But it is a reallity we are so attached to Facebook mentaly that it will be difficult to get out of Facebook because it has been very usefull to us to know people and get conected to your friends no matter how far they are.

Mark Zuckerberg Pulls a Steve Jobs, Announces New Facebook Timeline,

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Death Penalty Do Reduce Crime, But it is acceptable?

Many people allways ask if death penalty reduce or not reduce crime.  The awnser is yes.  But the other side of the situation is it acceptable?  The death penalty is very drastical and irriversable toward a crime accusation.  The death penalty is never acceptable and never will be accepted in many societys because it doesnt matter what people make they have the righ to live and no one must be tortured.  No matter how terrible the crime the person made he must be given an opportunity but not in a free society.

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Esto es una flor del cual se puede observar su esencia y belleza ante el contraste de sus colores y el hambiente.

My First TV Experience

In this video as you can se was my first TV expirience of my life. Since I was a young boy, I had allways wanted to appear on TV. Yesterday (Septermber 18th) one of my life goals was accomplished. This meant a lot to me because it maked me think that Im capable of acomplish every goal I put on my life. It was a good experience but way much harder that I though it will be. Why it was so dificult? Ok, it was difficult because it requierd a lot of time and energy to perform this type of show. Also requires a lot of patience because not allways the things happens the way you whant it to happen. So basicaly what I whant to say is that, if you have a Goal in life you are capable of doing it. It only take patience and dedication to get to it.

Llegamos A La Disco


Today reggaeton is viewd as an street music from Puerto Rico.  It started on late 80’s in Puerto Rico.  The reggaeton has influences from many types of music: Salsa, Jamaican music, Merengue and African music.  This music has been critizaised a lot becuase the things that the singers express toward women and society.  Also another thing that is critizasied is the way in wich it is danced.  It is dance like having sex with cloth.  The reggaeton is very popular among South America, Europe and in some places on the Carebbean.

Some icons from reggaeton are: Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, Wisin y Yandel, Arcangel, Calle 13 and many others.  They have called the attention of many people by creating music that have popularized all over the world.  The thing that they have in common is that they all started very poor from very margined places and gain fame because of their music.

Today the reggaeton can be considered an international music.  But they have been changing their style to more technologic music because music is changing right now.  Techno music is taking control the music industry, thats why reggaeton is like asimilating to techno for then keep in touch with the future.

For me, I really like reggaeton.  But theres a reallity, techno is taking control of the music industry and many people are liking it also.  For they to survive they must keep is as it started becase thats what people like about reggaeton.

Graffiti in Puerto Rico

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In Puerto Rico the graffiti can be very noticible in the streets.  For many people it is vandalism, but for other people it can be clasified as art.  For the people that make graffiti is a way to express their feelings by doing this.  In some caseses they are not very appealing but in other cases they are very appealing.  But it doesn’t matter if it is appeling or not, it still illegal.  In puerto Rico there are many good graffiti or street art.  Many of the best artist are among young people.  They have a lot of courage because they threat the law for then express their feeling by duing graffiti.

Does the artist that make graffiti can gain income?  The awnser is YES.  Some people I know started in this word as an illeagal thing.  But they started to expand their view of the art to gain money.  So they started to make wall paintings for many exclusive places and got paid really well.  Then they started to make paintings.  They started to get so famous because of their illegal paintings that people know them.  So their paintings were very exclusive, so they are expensive paintings.

So, if you are an artist that like graffiti, dont close your mind to only paint on streets.  Expand your mind and gain the credit of your work by making it commerciable.

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